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The 8 benefits of franchising with Premier Education

What are the advantages and disadvantages of franchising?

Franchise businesses use an established business model that can bring a wealth of benefits to both the franchisor and the franchisees.

We’re going to take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of franchising, as well as why franchising with us here at Premier Education is the way to go if you’re looking to build a successful franchise business.

Advantages of franchising

There are many advantages of franchising. For a start, you’re investing in a tried-and-tested business and brand with ongoing support. The reduced risk of franchising is attractive to many people looking to start a business, especially if they don’t have any prior experience, however, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of hard work involved!

Choosing to run a small business through a franchise is a great way of reaping all the benefits of working for yourself.

Brand recognition

Unlike starting a business completely from scratch, franchise owners benefit from brand recognition, thanks to an existing network of other franchises. Of course, it helps if the overall brand has got a reliable and trustworthy reputation, so this is definitely something to do due diligence on before making your decision.

Being part of an established brand means easier market entry and less stressing about building your profile among your target audience.

Franchises run in multiple locations meaning broad recognition.

Proven business model

Many franchisees are attracted to the proven business model which is already in place. As mentioned above, brand recognition is already established, and you’ll also have the reassurance of knowing that your product or services are in demand with a built in customer base.


As your own boss, you get to choose the hours you work, so a franchise business can be a great option for people with families or anyone who is looking for flexible hours.

Finding a business that suits your lifestyle is key, so if you like the idea of more flexibility in your job, franchising could be for you.

Most franchises are run flexibly so are family friendly.

Marketing and head office support

As a franchise owner you can expect to benefit from head office support and access to a wealth of resources which all help to ensure you’re successful, especially in the initial stages, and minimise the risk of starting your own business.

You’ll be provided with everything you need to establish your franchise, from finance and HR support, access to operational systems, advertising and marketing materials as well as a contact at head office to call if you need advice.

Franchise opportunities allow you to run a business with central support.


Start up costs

There’s no escaping the fact that every franchise opportunity comes with an initial investment, which can be high, especially if you’re joining a well-known brand.

It’s important to weigh up whether the minimum investment is worth the potential return.

Lack of control

Not all franchise business owners enjoy the lack of control or freedom to do whatever they’d like with the business. They may be constrained by limitations of the franchise agreement, for example, there may be limited opportunities to innovate or diversify, in turn hindering growth.

Day to day operations are largely down to the individual franchisee.

Support can vary

As part of a franchise network, you can expect to have head office support on-hand, whenever you need it. However, the level of support can vary depending on the franchise business.

Before signing a franchise agreement, it’s important to be clear on the training and support you will receive, as this can be the difference between running a successful business or just a business.

What are the benefits of franchising with Premier Education?

1. Successful brand

It’s true we are a very successful brand! We are the UK’s leading provider of sport, physical activity and childcare to primary age children, with 25 years of experience behind us.

We have an excellent reputation with both schools and parents, in fact we have over 20,000 ‘excellent’ rated reviews on Trustpilot, testament to the quality of our services.

We’re also recognised within the franchising industry as one of the best there is. We’re both a finalist in the BFA Franchisor of the Year awards and an Elite Franchise Top 100 franchise opportunity.

Our franchisees benefit from an experienced and committed head office team who know the sector inside out, and make sure you have the tools to achieve success.

Our impressive numbers speak for themselves: over 100 franchise territories employ more than 1,300 qualified activity coaches, who deliver upwards of 30,000 activities each month.

Are our franchisees successful? We’re proud to say that 90% of our franchisees turnover more than £250,000 a year.

Many franchisors encourage each franchise to provide support to each other.

2. Ongoing training and support

It’s so important for potential franchisees to be fully aware of how much training and support they will receive. We pride ourselves on providing a rigorous induction programme spanning 14 months and covering all areas of the business.

This not only includes a thorough introduction to our business and its systems, but also some time spent with an existing franchisee. This hands-on experience is invaluable, and in fact the ongoing collaboration between the franchisees in our network is quite unique.

We are extremely invested in the success of each of our franchises, so much so that we’ve developed a tool to measure the progress of each franchise. It allows our central support team to easily see where any additional support is needed.

A franchise has an existing customer base which is hugely beneficial.

3. Investment options

Owning a franchise of course involves an initial investment as well as any necessary start-up costs and franchise fees. We’ve tried to make owning a Premier Education franchise as accessible as possible by providing different options.

  • Shared ownership this is an option that involves less investment and lower risk. A cost-effective route to becoming a Premier Education franchisee, it has a number of benefits, including funded support from Premier Education HQ, options to acquire remaining shares, six months with zero management fees and a proven model to adopt.
  • Gold package this is our premium option, allowing you to kick start your business with a number of significant franchisee benefits. With an investment of £24,995 you’ll be exempt from paying any commissions for 12 months, and no management fees for the first six months. You’ll also benefit from an expert team to help with outbound sales, 12 hours of sales training, coach recruitment training as well as further growth opportunities.

4. Ownership of your own territory

Each of our franchisees have their own exclusive territory in which to operate, with a minimum of 75 primary schools.

As the business owner you get to decide which of our products you offer, with the advantage of knowing you can build a business that operates throughout the year (not just in term time!).

5. No experience necessary

While many of our franchisees come from coaching or teaching backgrounds, experience in the sector isn’t necessary to run your own business.

What’s needed is a passion to get kids active and healthy and the aptitude to establish a new business. These qualities are what we want to see in potential franchisees:

  • A determination to work hard at your business
  • A positive mind-set and ‘can-do’ attitude
  • The ability to follow the Premier Education model which has been delivering results for 25 years
  • To be comfortable around people, as you’ll be working with people of all ages and backgrounds
  • A passion to inspire others and enjoy life
  • Management skills or a desire to learn them
  • The ability to self-manage your schedule, motivate your team and deliver fun for your clients.
Premier Education is a very successful franchisor.

6. Growth opportunities

Growth can happen organically with a Premier Education franchise, thanks to our wide range of products available there really is something for every school. And, with the support and insight from our Trailblazer franchisees, sustainable growth is achievable.

Once established and enjoying success, it’s not uncommon for our franchises to want to grow and develop into other territories. This is something we encourage and support, in fact, a Gold investment package comes with a reserved additional territory for whenever the franchisee is ready.

7. Do what you love and be your own boss

Being your own boss is certainly one of the biggest advantages of running a franchise, especially when it’s in an industry you care about.

Gareth Simpson, franchisee for Cambridge and Newmarket sums it up perfectly: “If you are willing to put the work in, it is so rewarding, but for me it doesn’t feel like work. No day is the same and the independence and flexibility it allows means your home life can fit into your job seamlessly. Being able to do what you love and have your own professional business is fantastic.”

Check out our blog for more reasons on why you should become a franchisee.

Develop your own profitable business in an industry you love.

8. Be part of a like-minded network

One of the many benefits of franchising with us is the unequivocable feeling of being part of a team despite running your own business.

Our network encourages each franchisee to reach their potential, through unwavering support day in, day out. With twice-weekly network webinars, an online newsfeed and a monthly e-newsletter, communication is a priority for us, not only from our central support team but between our franchisees.

We all share the same vision and the same passion, and our dedication to driving the business forward is apparent in every aspect of our operations.

Want to find out more?

If you’re looking to establish your own business with minimal risk, find out more about how to become a franchisee or get in touch with us today to find out more about franchise opportunities with Premier Education.

Watch your business grow with a Premier Education franchise.