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What are the characteristics of a good coach in sport – do I need to be good at sports?

If your dream job includes creating a positive impact daily, then now is the perfect time to step into the realm of children’s sport coaching.

Unlike the popular idea that a great sports coach must be good at sports to deliver successful coaching, the truth is that many essential skills needed to be a good coach extend beyond fitness levels.

According to, nearly fourteen million adults have coached sport or physical activity at some point in their lifetime (a quarter of the UK population), but is it an essential requirement to be good at sports to become a successful coach?


What is a good sports coach?

Premier Education is home to one of the largest networks of successful coaches in the UK.

Our network of coaches (or Activity Professionals) support around 2500 schools across the country, and help to uphold our established, recognised, and trusted brand.

At Premier Education, a sports coach isn’t just a title, its a diverse range of 10 unique roles to choose from. Each role of a coach offers its own set of fulfilling experiences from Playworkers to Senior Activity Professionals.

No two roles are the same, reflecting the diversity of our coaching opportunities. For some, the joy lies in witnessing the successful sport development of children, while others enjoy the chance to stay active and work outdoors.

The appeal might also stem from our flexible working hours to accommodate various lifestyles. The essential part is, whatever the motivation, coaching at Premier Education is undeniably one of the most rewarding careers available.

As a multisport care provider, you will be teaching a large variety of sports. In each training session you can expect to host activities for pupils such as gymnastics, tennis, fencing, arts and crafts, as well as activities in teams such as dodgeball, cricket and rounders.


What skills do you need to be a sports coach?

Nevertheless, what are the main fundamental skills that sets top coaches apart from others? Being a great coach isn’t about being the best at physical activity yourself.

Sports coaching skills require good communication, including talking to and supporting others.

It also helps if you have a genuine interest in a diverse array of activities to fuel your versatility. Being creative is a key asset, and will aid strategic planning of engaging sport activities, which you will be able to deliver with passion.

Organisational skills are essential to ensure everything runs smoothly in each activity session, whilst holding a passion for instilling confidence in children to unlock their full potential.

Patience coupled with quick problem solving skills completes the toolkit that sets a good coach apart in the realm of physical education.


What are the characteristics of a good coach in sport?

In the realm of coaching, the most important qualities of a coach are to possess excellent people skills, the essential part lies in the ability to connect with people. Any individual with good communication will be successful in any coaching role at Premier Education.

Being a coach is a hands-on career, so it is essential than you can be on your feet and help the children out with their activities every day. There is no need to be an Olympic athlete to work with us, just the enthusiasm and ability to support children in the development of their multisport skills.


What effective communication skills in sport coaching are needed?

Any individual with strong people skills will excel in our coaching roles. A good sports coach is actively engaged in the hands-on aspects of the career, necessitating the ability to be on one’s feet and assist children with their activities daily.

We are looking for individuals who are personable, approachable and empathetic with great communication skills. For example, you will be enthusiastic in encouraging children to perform physical activity in teams.

A basic understanding of sports and activity knowledge are essential. Premier Education will provide you with all of the in-depth training programmes you need, even government-funded traineeships.

Rather than focusing solely on your strengths and weaknesses, what truly matters is an enthusiastic approach.

Sports coaching courses

You might be wondering about the qualifications needed to become a great coach. Fortunately, there are various pathways to enter the field of sports coaching, including apprenticeships, college courses, and university degrees, all offering suitable qualifications and opportunities.

Volunteering is another avenue to gain valuable experience and develop essential skills in coaching.

In terms of coach qualifications, all sports coaches in the country are required to hold a Level 2 Competency Based Delivery Qualification.

All coaches will also need to hold a valid DBS, First Aid, and Safeguarding qualification. However, at Premier Education, we have more advanced standards, which helps us to continually deliver effective, fun, and engaging sessions.

The UK Coaching website has useful information about entering the profession and how to be a good coach. However, Premier Education can help you get into the profession no matter what stage you are at. We have access to some of the best training programmes in the country through Educationwise Academy.

Want to know more about our coaching process? Read our FAQ’s about becoming a coach at Premier Education.


Premier Education sports coaches

Whilst you might be wondering the varied skills required to be a sports coach. Great coaching simply entails having a positive attitude, being able to communicate effectively and present new training techniques in each training sessions, and to ultimately be enthusiastic in helping children with their physical development.

If you’re after a desk job where you spend all day sitting down in an office, then coaching is not for you. On the other hand, if you’re after a job where you get paid to stay fit, then look no further.

Coaches can spend hours a day on their feet, getting active in school halls and on playing fields. You don’t need to spend all day training at full pace, but you at least need the energy to keep up with the kids.

Success stories

If you think you have the skills and qualities of a great coach then why not find out more information on our coaching knowledge hub.

Watch our successful coaches below to get more of an idea on the skills needed to be a sports coach at Premier Education.