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5 Reasons why Premier Education is different from other coaching providers

According to Statista, there were an estimated 82,700 sports coaches, instructors, and officials working in the United Kingdom as of the first quarter of 2023, compared with 85,400 in the previous quarter.

But what sets Premier Education apart from other coaching providers? We’ve compiled five reasons that set us apart from other coaching providers, showcasing why we excel as the premier choice in the coaching industry.

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1. Inspiring the next generation by sports coaching

Since 1999, we have stood out as a beacon of excellence in coaching, sport and exercise for our pupils. We offer a comprehensive support network of coaches, also known as Activity Professionals, making Premier Education a recognised and trusted brand in the education and sports coaching practice domain.

As the number of activity professionals in the UK continues to grow, our unique approach deserves attention.

We pride ourselves on having coaches who are not just professionals, but passionate advocates for the development of school sport and exercise.

Their commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of pupils is evident in the enthusiasm they bring to their work.

Premier Education adopts a sense of anticipation among our pupils for their activities in both classes and holiday camps beyond term time, thanks to the connections and boosted confidence our coaches develop, enhancing not only their aerobic performance skills, but also their sense of being part of a team.

With a thriving community of over a thousand coaches, each driven by their own goals and unique passion, Premier Education’s commitment to inspiring the next generation is unmatched.

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2. Core values that aid learning in any environment

Our unwavering commitment to our core values has been the cornerstone of our team and success. Established in 2005, these values underpin everything we believe in.

From “Be active, be safe, be happy” to “Be adventurous, creative, and open-minded about life,” these values guide our approach to education, training, and activation.

These core values support us to achieve our main goal, which is to make children happy, healthy and active. For our coaches, these values guide and support them in engaging children through their coaching practice, daily interactions, and creating memorable experiences in a safe environment.

3. We are the No.1 provider of sports and physical activities throughout the UK

With a mission to enhance children’s health and wellbeing through active learning, we deliver sports, arts and Holiday Camps to approximately 240,000 primary pupils annually.

Our coaches have the privilege of introducing young minds to the joys of competitive sport, igniting a passion for play that can last a lifetime.

Each day, our coach developers have the opportunity to evolve a new love for sports in young participants, helping children reach their potential in a comfortable environment.

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4. Premier Education improves health and wellbeing through active learning sessions

Whether it’s after-school gymnastics, curriculum-based fencing classes, or performing arts holiday camps, our coaches make a positive impact through physical activity encouraging participation, teamwork and communication. The sessions cater to children of all abilities and are facilitated by highly trained professionals.

With over a thousand specialist sports coaches, conducting exciting physical activity programmes in schools nationwide.

Premier Education takes a holistic approach with its personal development programmes, developing physical literacy, mental health, and children’s overall wellbeing, creating a lifelong love for sports.

5. We are endorsed by National Governing Bodies

Premier Education’s long-standing reputation has led to partnerships with UK Sports Associations such as British Gymnastics and Tennis for Britain.

These alliances enable us to provide world-class training to our staff of over 1,000 coaches.

With a focus on keeping children safe, active, and engaged, our efforts have even been personally approved by the previous Prime Minister.

Our dedication to creating a safe learning environment with enjoyable experiences for young people has won the trust of thousands of attendees, schools and participants over the years.

In an ever-evolving coaching industry, Premier Education continues to raise the standards and redefine the approach to coaching and education.

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At Premier Education, our coaches are at the forefront of nurturing children’s positive progression, equipping them with essential life skills and knowledge as they embark on their journey to adulthood.

Every session they deliver represents a unique opportunity to inspire and guide young individuals, and our coaches hold the privileged position of being influential mentors in their lives.

They create memorable and impactful experiences throughout the country, serving as role models for the next generation.

Through their dedication, they not only develop performance skills but also provide a wealth of ideas, advice and resources to build brighter futures for young people, setting inspiring examples along the way.

Could you be our next sports coach?

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