Premier Education

We have multiple locations throughout the UK where we hold our sports clubs, courses and provide PE in schools. Please use the map to locate your regional sports provider, and to search for the ideal courses and clubs in your area for your child.

Types of activities at St. Helens

Premier Sport delivers a wide range of sport activities in areas throughout the country. From football, rugby and athletics, through to more niche sports such as fencing, archery and volleyball, our Activity Professionals are fully trained by accredited providers, delivering ‘wow’ with every interaction!

The benefits

Orienteering develops a wide range of skills in ways that other sports simply can’t, including teamwork, communication and – of course – map reading. We find that many children who attend will go on to develop their skills in other, similar hobbies. Whilst orienteering is active and helps build stamina, the most noticeable different is how much it exercises the brain. Our coaches love teaching orienteering because it helps so many children build independence and confidence.