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Performing Arts Activities

All of our performing arts activities are fun, engaging, and available to all children from age 4-12, whether they are a budding super star or brand new to the arts. Through participating in the performing arts in a variety of forms the children will have the opportunity to explore communication, movement, body language and how we interact with each other in interesting and creative ways.

We aim to support schools in developing children who have a vast array of qualities which contribute to their personal and character development. Giving children the opportunities to experience success in different forms, access their broader curriculum in varied and ambitious ways, whilst interacting with their peers and other members of the school community.

Our performing arts activities aims to engage all children, allowing them to have the opportunity to express themselves, feel successful and safe in sessions that inspire their imagination.

What do kids get up to in a one-hour session?


A great way to get the whole body moving and to learn new skills...

Drama in Education

Build confidence, coordination and social skills...

Dramatic Dance


Learn how to put on a show, just like a Broadway star...