Premier Education


Premier Education’s dance classes are a great way to get the whole body moving and to learn new skills.

We believe that variation is the spice of life, so each of our coaches know how to teach skills and techniques from a wide range of dance styles.

Popular with people of all ages, this category of dance may cover a variety of dance styles and forms such as: street dance, cheerleading, jazz, ballroom etc. These sessions will teach choreography, specific dance moves and create a finished piece for performance. Children will dance their way to happiness through energetic and lively sessions.


Cheerleading is a world-famous style of dance practiced by girls and boys of all ages.

It is popular for its synchronised routines and punchy rhythms – cheerleading routines are some of the most spectacular dances to watch!

Premier Education cheerleading courses build confidence, develop creativity improve co-ordination. That is a lot of benefits for one sport! Cheerleading is about lifting each other up (sometimes literally!) so we’re sure to encourage teamwork and co-operation in everything we do.

You will be amazed at how much there is to learn from our coaches. They will everybody through, step by step, to create a spectacular routine. There’s even a chance you might be able to perform it for your friends and family at the end of the course!

Street Dance

Street Dance is the perfect form of dance for building confidence and co-ordination by the bucket load.

Street Dance takes its inspiration from a range of modern music genres and focuses on big, bold moves and fancy footwork. Our coaches will take your little dancer through a funky routine, step by step. We make sure every child feels inspired and involved by providing dances which are simple to learn, age-appropriate and huge fun.

Street dance is so fast and so fierce that simply practicing is enough to create huge improvements to fitness and strength. Over time, every child will have learnt a professional-looking routine that they can show off to friends and family.