Premier Education

Drama in Education

Premier Education’s drama classes are an excellent way for your child to build confidence, coordination and social skills.

Using a variety of dramatic conventions, the children will explore scenarios and situations, giving them the opportunity to solve problems and think both logically and critically.

The children will be able to delve into other curriculum subject areas in more depth, allowing them to consider motivations for actions, inventions and decisions and subsequent consequences. In doing so they will discover empathy, a richer and deeper understanding of the world around them, what it means to have a society and culture and why these vary.

The children will develop communication and social skills as they work together in collaboration. Using various dramatic conventions and activities the children will be given the opportunity to display leadership skills as well as develop creativity and use their imagination to create and explore new worlds and experiences, giving them the skills they need to get on well in life, now and in the future.

Themes explored can be related to PSHE, mental health and wellbeing as well as literature and historical events.