Premier Education

Game of Actual Life

Game of Actual Life is a Life Skills programme for primary school children.

Roleplaying as a 22-year-old, children learn about health, houses, careers and happiness – all delivered in a fun and interactive way.

Premier Education’s Game of Actual Life helps children understand some of the trickier aspects of maths all through real life situations. The course helps demystify bank accounts, mortgages and pensions through hands-on games and challenges.

By encouraging high quality debate and discussions between the children, Premier Education’s Game of Actual Life helps build self-esteem and social skills. It gives them the confidence to promote and support the choices they may make in the next stages of their life.

The benefits

We know that Ofsted’s regulations have increased the need for wellbeing and life skills to be taught as part of the curriculum; from September 2019, Ofsted judges ‘Personal Development’ on its own merit.

We understand that this can be difficult for many primary schools to provide, which is why we are thrilled to be able to offer a programme which delivers those essential lessons in a comprehensive and measurable way. As with all our activities, we record both results and progression. Game of Actual Life has had overwhelmingly positive feedback, with 99% of children saying they “loved” their lessons and describing them as “exciting”, “fun” and “educational”.