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Premier Education Wellbeing

Wellbeing is a term which encompasses all aspects of health, including having a balanced life, the importance of having activities you love, exercising, sleeping well, and maintaining meaningful and supportive relationships.

Our approach to wellbeing

Premier Education’s Wellbeing offering is built around bespoke product ranges, each aimed at a different audience, based on their age, role and needs. Accompanying each range is a suite of specifically designed resources and training to deliver creative, educational and structured activities.

Premier Education’s Wellbeing offering is based on a whole-school approach to improving the health and Wellbeing of pupils, their parents and teachers alike. Our leading programme, written by industry experts, can be delivered as both curricular and extra-curricular sessions to primary schools, nurseries and the wider community.

In school

Curricular Wellbeing sessions take place in lesson time and align closely to the new Ofsted framework. Each session is built on games and active learning activities designed to educate pupils on the importance of eating, drinking, sleeping and moving to help build lifelong healthy habits.
Combined with our sports and arts offering it means we’re able to provide primary schools with a broad, reliable and cost-efficient solution for personal development provision .

Outside of school

Unlike other initiatives, our health and wellbeing programme understands the importance of involving teachers and parents too – all a part of building a whole school approach. Our sessions run in the evening and at the weekend, and even overlap our after-school clubs for children, meaning you won’t need an extra trip out of the house.