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Premier Education Career Paths

Make a Career from Coaching

Whether you have never coached before or you are looking for the next progression, joining us is only the first step.

From entry to degree level and beyond, you will be able to unlock your full potential with a career at Premier Education. We offer all our coaches quality training and apprenticeships through our sister company,

When you join Premier Education, you benefit from our official partnerships with some of the largest sporting NGBs in the UK. Our coaches are eligible for exclusive and bespoke training in a range of sports.


Career Paths with Premier Education

Once you are established as a coach, there are two main directions of development that we can help you with. One is that of Leadership and Management. The other is the path of Teaching and Learning. Which one suits you best depends on your individual skills and attributes. If you want to understand the pathway with a little more depth, you can download this PDF which explains the skills and qualifications needed.