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7 Spring Activities for Kids

What is the most common Spring outdoor activity for kids?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all choice for the perfect Spring outdoor activities for kids. However, as the warmer weather arrives, children find joy in connecting with the natural world through creative and fun activities. From crafting colourful spring projects to exploring the wonders of the outdoors, these activities offer a fantastic way for kids to learn create and have fun in the refreshing springtime environment.

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Easter egg hunt

Get ready for a hop-tastic time filled with laughter and excitement. First, gather your eager egg explorers in the garden, the perfect setting for Spring themed shenanigans.

To kick off the hunt, hand out some clues hinting to where the eggs have been hidden. For example “Under the shining sun, where flowers bloom and the day’s begun, look near a spot where you often play, and you might just find an egg today!”

As your little ones decode the clues and dash from one hint to the next, the fresh air will fuel their energy and add an extra layer of springtime joy.

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Easter themed workouts

Embrace the warm weather and keep the whole family busy with an engaging Easter-themed workout.

Transform it into a hands-on, fun activity by encouraging everyone in the household to contribute their favourite exercises. Imagine bunny hops, star jumps, and jogging on the spot adding an extra layer of joy to your routine.

Bring the workout outdoors, allowing the kids to soak up the sunshine and enjoy nature while getting some exercise.

It’s the perfect time for a fun and active family activity that keeps kids busy and brings the whole family together during the Easter season. Get ready for an eggstra special workout that combines fitness and family fun!

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Fun Spring activities

Easter egg and spoon race!

Get ready for an egg-citing and classic spring activity for kids. This fun spring-themed game is perfect for bringing joy to your backyard or exploring a nearby park.

To set it up, get some bright and colourful Easter eggs.

Each child gets a spoon and an egg to balance. Create a starting line and a finish line, and let the race begin!

The challenge is to carry the egg on the spoon from the starting line to the finish line without dropping it.

It’s an exciting way for children to develop balance, coordination and have a good time outdoors.

This spring activity adds a festive touch to your backyard or any outdoor space, making it one of the perfect spring activities for preschoolers. Watch the kids explore, laugh and enjoy the vibrant colours of spring in this egg-ceptional game!

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Art activities

Gather your art supplies, including bright colours of paint, brushes and a canvas or sturdy paper.

Choose a spring theme with elements like butterflies, birds, and flowers. Encourage your little artists to paint vibrant and colourful scenes, let their imagination run wild!

Whether it’s a field of blooming flowers, fluttering butterflies or cheerful birds, this craft for kids is a fun way to celebrate the beauty of Spring.

After the paintings are complete, you can decorate your home with these charming masterpieces, adding a touch of the season’s joy to your space.

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Easter walk in the woods

Research suggests that walking for a mere 20 minutes a day has a whole host of health benefits including maintaining a healthy heart.

Another idea for creative Spring activities is an Easter walk in the woods! A wall is the perfect way to celebrate the season with your little ones. As you wander through nature’s wonderland, encourage the kids to play and explore, discovering the magic of the garden awakening to life.

Point out the various shapes and colours of Spring themed items that emerge, like spring flowers, creating a spring sensory experience for their curious minds.

It’s a perfect activity to immerse your family in the joy of the season, allowing everyone to play, discover and experience the enchanting beauty of spring.

Plan an Easter picnic

Spread out a cozy blanket and let the little ones join in the excitement of packing their picnic basket with Easter-themed snacks and sandwiches.

Include colourful fruits like strawberries, watermelon and grapes, home-made bunny shaped cookies, and egg sandwiches for a festive touch.

A family Easter picnic not only provides a wonderful setting for bonding but also offers a chance to savour the simple pleasures of Spring together.

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DIY butterfly gardens crafts


Begin by creating colourful butterflies. Take some pipe cleaners and shape them into butterfly forms, leaving two longer ends to serve as antennae.

Attach pom poms to the center of each butterfly as the body, using craft glue to secure them in place.

Use markers to add vibrant patterns and designs to the wings of the butterflies, allowing the kids to express their creativity.

Cut out flower shapes from construction paper in different colours.

Arrange the paper flowers on a flat surface to create a garden layout.

Attach the butterflies to the flowers using craft glue, letting the kids decide where to place each one.

Once the glue dries, your DIY Butterfly Garden is ready to display! Encourage the kids to fill their garden with an array of colours and patterns.

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Easter holiday camps

Ease the burden of brainstorming entertaining Spring activities for kids for the entire school break by enrolling your kids in a holiday camp. Premier Education offers Easter holiday camps at various locations nationwide, providing an ideal solution to keep children engaged and guarantee a plethora of enjoyment through active play!