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Which after school activities are right for my child?

What is the most common after school activity?

There are many popular after school activities for your little ones, no one activity is said to be the perfect one but there are numerous options that are both active and creative.

It’s essential to teach children through fun activities that stimulate their senses and encourage the development of new skills.

Whether it’s a sensory activity or a fun after school program, planning diverse options ensures children have the opportunity to explore and discover activities that resonate with their interests and passions.

While primary schools might offer fewer occasions to play games, keep reading to find out a range of ideas to engage and enjoy with your kids after school, for a well rounded and enjoyable experience beyond the classroom.

Premier Education activity professional racing with pupils at a holiday camp

Physical activities

Physical activities like dance, handball, and football are excellent choices for after school activities for many reasons.

These games cater to various age groups, making them accessible to many children. Participating in sports is not only a great way to help with your child’s wellbeing and energy but also encourages exercise in an enjoyable way with friends and family.

Encouraging your child to try different sports will make them less likely to quit sports and more likely to find a sport that they love!

Children playing dodgeball at an afterschool club


Premier Education offers dance classes designed to engage students in a fun and educational way during and after school hours.

Our experienced coaches bring a variety of dance styles, including street dance, cheerleading, jazz and ballroom.

Through these sessions, children not only learn specific dance moves and choreography but also develop social skills and a love for movement.

The classes provide a fun way for students to be entertained, inspired, and encourage them to make the most of the benefits of activity set to lively music.

Children dancing during a Premier Education holiday camp

Use your imagination!


Taking part in arts like painting as an after school activity is an excellent way for kids to unleash their creativity and unwind after a school day.

It’s a fun and expressive way for kids to explore their artistic side with their parents or in a youth community, allowing them to create colourful masterpieces.

Painting not only serves as an enjoyable and relaxing pastime but also sparks creativity and encourages kids to try new things.

This fun activity is a fantastic way to boost their imagination after a busy day in class and make the most of their after-school time.

kids, drawing, paints

Make a snack

Baking a healthy snack after school not only provides a delicious treat but also offers your child a wonderful opportunity to get imaginative in the kitchen.

This activity allows them to develop a new skill while having fun with their families. Baking promotes learning through hands on experiences, offering access to plenty of opportunities for growth and development.

It’s a good activity that combines the joy of creating tasty treats with valuable life skills, making it a wholesome and enjoyable after-school choice.

Want some snack ideas? Here are some healthy snack ideas that may interest you to make with your kids.

dough, knead, to bake

Go for a walk

Encouraging your kids to go for a walk in their daily routine is a great activity with positive outcomes.

Research shows that by doing at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity per week, like brisk walking, consistently lowers the risk of various chronic diseases and other adverse health outcomes.

Walking allows your kid to unwind and de stress after a day of academic activities, providing a mental break.

Walks can also form quality bonding time for families, offering a chance for open conversations and connection.

Exploring nature during a walk can also inspire curiosity and a love for the outdoors, developing an appreciation for the environment.

You can entertain your kids on your walk by playing various games such as I spy with my little eye or Pooh sticks. In Summer, have some extra fun after school and ensure you take some drinks and snacks for a family picnic.

girls, children, friends on a walk

Read a story

Unwinding on the sofa or nestled on cushions spread across the floor for a storytelling session is a great way to wind down after school.

Your child can select a book from the bookshelf, developing their creative side and providing a peaceful escape from the business of other school extra curricular endeavours.

In a world where there are often too many scheduled events, allowing kids to play, spend time planning, create and enjoy a range of stories is an excellent idea, especially for primary school students. Additionally, taking part in storytelling helps improve academic skills.

Here are some of our all time favourite stories:

The Gruffalo

The Hungry Caterpillar

Bambi: A life in the woods

The Ugly Duckling

Hansel and Gretel

Watch educational videos together

Engaging in educational video sessions with your kids after school is a wonderful way to help their learning and strengthen the parent child bond.

Whether exploring nature, delving into sustainability, understanding road safety, or exploring subjects like Maths, English or Science, these shared experiences can enhance their understanding and curiosity.

In a world where there are too many activities, school attendance can sometimes feel overwhelming, watching educational videos together provides a great after school activity that is both enjoyable and educational.

It creates a course for parents and children to play, create, and develop a love for learning in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

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