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Scavenger Hunt for Spring Flowers

As the Spring season emerges with sweet fragrances and vibrant colours of delicate flowers, there’s no better time to engage your little ones with a Spring themed scavenger hunt.

Explore the wonders of nature in your own garden or the nearby countryside, discovering Spring flowers, flowering plants, and the beauty of the outdoors.

Keep reading to gain inspiration with creative ideas for a delightful Spring hunt that embraces the lovely charm of springtime, making it a perfect activity for families to enjoy the Spring season together.

sunflower, yellow, beautiful flowers

What flowers are in Spring season?

Beautiful Spring flowers grace our landscape, bringing fresh hues and fragrances to gardens and woodlands.

Lily of the Valley unfurls its dainty, bell shaped flowers in shaded woodland areas.

The majestic Bearded Iris, with its intricate blooms, adds a burst of colour to well tended gardens. Forget Me Not, with their simplicity, can be discovered in woodlands or gardens, dotting the ground with their tiny, blue blossoms.

As the sun emerges after the late winter, these spring flowering plants awaken, transforming the soil into a canvas of many colours and offering an aesthetically pleasing view for the whole family to enjoy.

Whether nestled in a well cared for garden or thriving in the natural landscape, these blooms encapsulate the essence of springtime beauty.

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Inspire your kids to go outside and take part

Scavenger game

Preparation: Before starting the Spring hunt, gather a list of early spring flowers and spring bulbs commonly found in your area that you know will be in full bloom, such as daffodils, tulips, crocuses and hyacinths.

Ensure that your hunt takes place in areas with full sun and well drained soil, as these conditions are ideal for spring blooms.

Create your checklist: Compile a checklist of the best spring flowers and bulbs you want to find during the hunt. Include details such as flower colour, size and shape to help your kids identify each plant.

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Set the location: Choose a location for your scavenger hunt that is known for its Spring flowers. This could be a local park, botanical garden, or even your own backyard if you have a garden. Make sure the area receives direct sunlight for optimal flower growth!

Start hunting: Once you’re at the location, distribute the checklist to each participant or team.

Set a time limit for the scavenger hunt and encourage everyone to start searching for the listed flowers. Remind participants to handle the flowers with care and avoid picking them if they are in a protected area!

Explore and learn: As participants search for the spring flowers, take the opportunity to educate them about each plant they encounter.

Share interesting facts about the flowers, their growth cycle and their importance in the ecosystem.

Celebrate success: When the hunt is over, gather your family together to compare findings.

Brighten their day and celebrate the success of each team and discuss the different flowers they discovered.

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Whether you found all the flowers on your list or not, cherish the memories of spending time together as a family exploring the great outdoors.

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Try and find the following spring blooms in your garden:

Bright yellow flowers

lilies, yellow, late spring flowers

Daffodil (Narcissus)

Discovering a daffodil during a spring hunt is like uncovering a treasure in your very own back garden.

Daffodils are known as early spring bloomers, often emerging before many other flowers, adding a splash of sunshine to the landscape.

They thrive in partial shade or full sun, making them versatile additions to any garden.

Their resilience and ability to bloom even in part shade make them stand out among other spring flowers.

flowers, daffodil, bloom


Spotting a yellow primrose during a spring hunt is like discovering a burst of vibrant warmth. See if you can spot one next time you are out gardening!

These delightful flowers are quintessential early spring bloomers, unfurling their petals to add a touch of enchantment to the garden.

Thriving in full sun, primroses are resilient flowering bulbs that bring forth their pastel hued blossoms after the cold winter months.

evening primrose, plant, flower

Pink Spring flowers

tulips, pink tulips, pink flowers


These early spring flowers, boasting shades of pink and purple, bloom in spring, creating a captivating display that adds a touch of elegance to any landscape.

With their enchanting fragrance and charming appearance, hyacinths are a perfect representation of the beauty that unfolds with the arrival of early spring flowers.

Their pastel shades and graceful blooms make them a cherished plant for those who appreciate the enchanting allure of the season.

hyacinth, flowers


These flowers bloom in your back garden. These charming flowers, with their captivating pink hues, bloom gracefully in the spring.

Tulips thrive in well drained soil and bring a touch of elegance to the garden with their vibrant pink petals.

Planted under the warmth of the sun, these flowers emerge from the ground, creating a beautiful display that symbolises the arrival of spring in all its glory.

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