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Rounders Gets a Makeover for Primary School Children

A new version of the popular game of rounders has been launched by Rounders England, and we are thrilled to be the exclusive delivery partner to schools across the UK. 

Designed to engage more primary school children with the sport, Go Rounders brings a modern twist to the traditional game by being quicker and more accessible, while still retaining the fun. 

Whether schools are looking to introduce pupils to the basics of rounders or further their skills, our skilled coaches can adapt their sessions accordingly.

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We can offer schools looking to rejuvenate rounders at their school a 50% discount off the first six weeks of delivery, a promotional assembly for the whole school, further training for teachers, access to delivery resources for the school and the opportunity to enter a ‘design your own bat’ competition. 

Head of growth, Laurence York, comments: “As we enter the summer term, what better way to welcome the warmer weather than by introducing children to the popular sport of rounders? We’re delighted to be able to offer this fun and exciting new modification of the game to schools who are looking to further enhance their extracurricular offering.”

Rhian Lilley, director of development at Rounders England, adds: “Rounders continues to be a hugely popular activity in and out of schools for both pupils and teachers. Our brand new resources, schools affiliation and introduction of our junior game ‘Go Rounders’ have been developed to encourage greater participation in our inclusive and fun sport. Working in partnership with Premier Education is a progressive opportunity enabling new after school provision to pupils in schools across the country, encouraging more young people to develop a love of rounders “ 

We will be delivering the programme alongside our existing extracurricular sport activities, which include: football, gymnastics, archery, tennis and tag rugby.  

To find out more about Go Rounders, click here.