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Stay Active: our three-pronged approach.

At Premier Education, we know there’s more to health than simply increasing your heartrate. Because of that, you’ll notice that our Stay Active resources come in three flavours: physical, lifeskills, and health & wellbeing.

We thought we’d provide a short explanation of each one here to help you better plan your day:

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These activities have been designed to provide you with games and challenges that improve children’s coordination, strength and agility. We’ve included drama and dance activities, too, to make sure that children have the chance to express themselves creatively whilst they get on the go.

Our physical activities are best done when your children are full of energy, making them perfect for late morning or afternoon sessions. We’ve tried to include a good range to work different areas of the body and to keep each session fresh!

1658x580 health and wellbeing

Health & wellbeing:

In this section, you’ll find activities which aim to teach children how they can look after their body and minds to be the healthiest, happiest version of themselves. Each exercise gives your children a moment to reflect on themselves, on how they feel and the choices they make in everyday life.

These are designed to be quiet, calm and relaxing. They’re ideal for trying in the evening if you’re hoping to get your little ones to bed soon. The cards can also come in handy if your child is experiencing frustration at being stuck at home.


While the children are home from school, we can provide a unique opportunity to teach them lessons which will help them prepare them for a successful future. Our lifeskills activities have been developed by industry experts to cover a wide range of topics, from career and savings, to homes and happiness. The most important part, though: they’re creative, simple and fun to do!

The cards can be used at any time of the day. They’re hands on and engaging, with plenty of thinking, listening and talking involved. Each interactive activity will get their minds whirring whilst making it feel like play.

1658x580 lifeskills

We’re happy to see such amazing feedback so far for the Stay Active campaign, and proud that we’re able to help children across the UK stay active. Please continue to spread the word so that even more parents can get their hands on these free resources and keep an eye on our social media for when we add more!