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Supporting Our Community: A Coach’s Perspective

Each day, our coaches have the opportunity to foster a new love of sport and physical activity in children across the UK. They see primary age children try a new sport for the first time, and as their faces light up, they know we’ve achieved something – Premier Education have helped to set them on a journey of activity, which we hope will last a lifetime.

Despite this period of uncertainty, many of our coaches have opted in to continue their amazing work in supporting communities close to them.

Adam Wallis, is one of those coaches, living and working in the Torquay and Plymouth area. We spoke to Adam to find out more about the excellent work he and his colleagues are doing.

How are you currently supporting schools near you?

In my community, we have several partner schools still open, doing brilliant work to keep the children of key workers learning and engaged. Many of them have asked us to support them with sport and physical activity, as well as with our personal development programme, a Game of Actual Life.

Thankfully, at Premier Education, we are well equipped to support in a variety of ways. We’ve been able to provide fun clubs for pupils, even throughout the Easter holiday, when many teachers were getting a well-earned break to spend time with their own families.

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Is the current situation impacting on morale during sessions?

It’s easy for people to get down at a time like this, but not in my job! Each day, the children arrive as buoyant as ever. They are understanding of the protective measures we have had to put in place, and there really are high spirits all round. The optimism they display is refreshing, lifting me and my colleagues too.

On the topic of colleagues, how has the Premier Education team rallied together at this time?

I’ve seen my colleagues respond extremely positively to the changes during this period of uncertainty. Everyone has displayed a real sense of togetherness as a team and demonstrated even greater pride in the work we each do. Many of us have worked with the same children each day and just yesterday, one of them told me how she ‘loved Premier Education coming in to deliver sports’.

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How have you had to adapt the sessions to ensure safety?

Where we’d normally be running team sports and skill-based games, we’ve adapted, to ensure safety for everyone. We’ve made classes smaller and designed sessions which mean the children can still learn without getting too close to one another, so striking and fielding games like Rounders, Softball or Baseball have been very successful. The children have also loved taking part in activities like orienteering, or Easter themed treasure hunts – which have been perfect, given the challenges.

At Premier Education, we develop every session and activity to have a positive, lasting impact on each and every child. Our highly trained coaches are creative and adaptable, and at times like this, their commitment to their local communities is invaluable. We are extremely proud of Adam and all his colleagues up and down the country.

We will continue to support schools and the families of key workers across the country. If our coaches can support your school in any way, please get in touch.

We look forward to resuming normal services, when it is safe to do so.

Until then, please stay safe, stay home and stay active using these resources.

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