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Why Archery is a Good Sport to Choose for After-Schools Clubs

In the world of sport, both professionally and at school level, archery is often overlooked. But archery is a fun sport that boosts skills such as balance, focus and strength – and is a change from the mainstream activities like football or netball, which is exciting for children.

Though it may not get the largest viewing figures or media attention, archery is one of the oldest sports in the world, and has an appeal that has truly stood the test of time. For many, it’s a lack of accessibility that lowers interest, as well as concerns over the cost of expensive equipment.

An after-school club that offers archery, like the sessions run by Premier Education, makes archery accessible for almost every child. Here we’ll look into why archery is not only a good sport to choose for an after-school club, but a great one.

Is archery a good sport?

While archery was once used for hunting, in modern times it’s both a competitive sport and a great hobby. Whether you’re looking at recreational archery or practising archery as a competitive sport, it’s a great sport to get involved in.

It’s an Olympic sport, with multiple disciplines (i.e. field archery and target archery) and bow types (compound bows, recurve bows etc). Of course, kids don’t need to worry about the meanings behind recurve archery and field archery! But if they fall in love with the sport, they might be interested in the future.

Keeps kids physically active

Archery may seem less active than many sports, but it is deceptively physically demanding. On average, archery burns 100 calories every 30 minutes. Spending significant time on an archery range, and repeatedly drawing back a bowstring strengthens muscles in the arm and back.

For sports that work the cardiovascular system, there are certainly better options, but archery is good for muscle training and offers many mental benefits that some other sports don’t; with focus and cognitive skills particularly vital for archery. Some children also prefer the skill and precision required for archery to the speed and physicality of many other sports.

As kids get older, they might get involved in more advanced levels of archery, and some may wish to compete in archery competitions, which will only elevate the benefits of archery to a much higher level.

Child receiving archery coaching from a Premier Education Activity Professional.

Suitable for all weathers

Archery is a good sport for any weather, as indoor archery is an easy alternative for rainy days.

You might think kids with a bow and arrow are best kept outdoors, but archery can easily be moved inside. At Premier Education we make sure kids stay active whatever the weather, and simply move the arrows, archers and practice range indoors!

Why should kids practise archery?

Archery requires a unique skill set that differs from most other sports, as one of the most important aspects is focus and discipline.

You’ll find archery is an easy sport to get the kids involved in. Most are jumping at the chance to try something new and exciting, and children rarely get the opportunity to practise archery.

If they discover a passion for the sport, they can go beyond an after-school club – there are often local archery competitions they can get involved in. Even if entering an archery competition doesn’t appeal, it’s a sport that many are likely to still enjoy and wish to continue for years to come.

There are a number of skills and benefits, both physical and mental, to practising archery that makes it a particularly worthwhile sport to engage in.

Improves physical strength

Archery requires excellent upper body strength and works many muscles – particularly in the back – that are often neglected in other sports.

Shooting arrows, whether it’s from a recurve bow or compound bow, works the core muscles and develops upper body strength. Kids won’t be using the kind of bows that are truly taxing on muscles, but will still be making the same movements that help with their early muscle development.


Archery is perhaps the best sport for improving focus and concentration, as it’s impossible to hit the target without them!

Kids will learn that precision is the name of the game with archery, and they need to give the target their full attention to make an accurate shot.

Why Archery is a Good Sport to Choose for After Schools Club 2


If you’re looking for a sport to teach your child patience, archery is a great choice. For children who find being patient challenging, archery may just be the sport they need to practise this skill.

It’s a sport that takes serious dedication to master and isn’t won by simply being the fastest or strongest. Kids that hope to hit the bullseye will quickly realise patience is key!

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Balance is an essential skill in archery. The more time kids spend getting involved and improving their skills in the sport, the better their balance will be.

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Cognitive abilities

Archery helps to sharpen cognitive abilities. It keeps children both physically and mentally active, which helps improve cognitive skills like memory, reasoning and attention span.

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Hand-eye coordination

Archery relies on good hand-eye coordination perhaps more than any other sport. Practice makes perfect, and kids are bound to improve this skill by getting involved in archery.


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Getting involved in any kind of sport is good for children and helps boost their self-confidence and improve their mental health. Archery is no different, offering kids an outlet from potential anxieties and releasing endorphins.

Archery with Premier Education

Our archery sessions are delivered by trained professionals, who help kids get used to using a bow and arrow at their own pace, and make sure fun comes first. While archery can be seen as a solitary sport, our coaches create an environment that makes it easy to meet new friends.

At an after-school club, you don’t need to worry about purchasing archery equipment – our child-friendly equipment is already provided! We help our young archers compete in a friendly, safe environment perfect for making new friends and boosting self-confidence.

Through our archery sessions, kids can discover a passion for a sport they would otherwise have little access to. You never know, one day they could compete against other archers in the Olympic games!

To get your kids involved, sign up to an after-school archery session near you today. 

Or, if you’d like to get your pupils the opportunity to try archery at school, find out more about curricular and extracurricular activities available for schools.